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Bernice lives in Cape Town. She grew up reading all sorts of books and believes, that the best stories happen in books, as they so rarely happen in real life, for they allow you to enter a world of fantasy and imagination needed to survive the reality of today.

She likes to laugh, and hopes that her readers enjoy a good breeze of humor, for her books are written with an impish, yet barely-suppressed humor, that peeks out at odd moments.

Finding voices for her book's characters is one of the most inspiring events Bernice experiences as a writer. She believes that the magic of dialogue can sweep readers away from their everyday lives, transporting them through time and space to a kingdom she has created.




#1 in Top Rated Teen & Young Adult Fantasy eBooks!

Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere will cast a spell over readers of all ages. Jeff and Matt Madison think they are normal boys, but they aren’t. When Jeff’s younger brother is whisked away to the kingdom of Drakmere, Jeff knows he has to save Matt. Two cloaked strangers offer their help and tell Jeff and Jeff’s best friend Rhed to leave the rescuing to them. Jeff and Rhed make a split-second decision to enter the moonglow doorway. Can the cloaked strangers save the two boys and rescue Matt from the wicked witch and king of Drakmere? Fischer’s young adult magical fantasy adventure novel packs quite a punch. There’s plenty of action and hijinks to keep younger audiences engaged. Once she puts the pedal to the metal, it’s a rip-roaring ride to the finish. There are twists, turns, ... Read more

5 Stars, Courtesy of SPR Best Seller Reviews

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Thayer Editing

"The story is very strong,... it's riveting... the dialogue compelling and the scenes are tense."

Jim Thayer - Wikipedia
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"The book has a magical way of lightening your spirits with its quirky characters and wonderful humour."

Angie Kitchener
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"This action-fuelled read packs punch with its jump-off-the-page characters. I love the writing, the magic, and above all, the humour!"

Maya Fowler -
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With 94% Five Star Reviews, Jeff Madison is #1 in Top Rated Teen & Young Adult Fantasy eBooks on Amazon.

SPR Best Seller Reviews - Read full review
Thayer Editing

"Love the characters, background, legends, friendships. I'm chomping at the bit for the next book. You keep writing, I'll be reading.

Tonja Klein -
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"My favourite character has to be Angie, SHE's a CRAZY WITCH! I love the part where Angie’s broom turn’s into bike!"

Pheobe (10) - Read full review
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Cape Town, South Africa

Email: info[at]bernicefischer[dot]com

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