Book formating

Bernice has learned to format her own books over the years and as a perfectionist is meticulous with the quality of the end result. At this point, we can recommend that you do a few proofreadings before formatting commences, because we are not responsible for spelling and grammar errors in the handed over manuscript.

Editing & proofreading

We strongly recommend to a self-publishing writer, that line for line editing and professional proofreading of the manuscript are done before formatting. We offer these services and ask for the manuscript's number of words, number of pages and number of characters to be able to provide a cost estimate.

Book cover design

Of course, book cover design is very important as it is the first impression a potential reader gets of your book on the shelf. It should stand out! We offer this service. What is displayed on the cover depends on the content of the story. The blurb should be professionally written and match the story.

Audiobook production

The Jeff MaDISoN audiobook series was 2015 and 2016 at the Voice Arts® Awards in Hollywood in the category for "Best in Voice Arts®, children books" nominated and competed against Disney's winners "Finding Dori" and "Sarafina". We can produce your audiobook and propose professional readers to you.

Book publication

It takes a lot of effort, bravery, vision, belief and sacrifices to publish your own books. We have experience with bringing books to market and can assist in many ways. We would love to meet with you, establish your needs, discuss the various facets and assist with all or selective publication needs.